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Dr. M.K. Mishra(B.H.M.S) is a consultant homeopathy doctor with clinical experience. He has a flourishing homeopathic clinical practice at Gorakhpur, Lucknow in India with patients consulting him from our neighbouring countries worldwide. Have a safe and Easy treatment under him
Apart from homepathy Dr. M.K. Mishra (B.H.M.S) is into maintaining the website which provides information on treatment of various diseases with homeopathy,

Dr. M.K. Mishra (B.H.M.S) has been consulting with individuals as a homeopathy doctor on a personal basis for the past 20 years, designing homoeopathic treatment protocols that CHANGE LIVES. He has observed outstanding results that doctors call ?miraculous? and unexplainable. He insists that they are not miraculous, but rather the body, at work doing what it?s designed to do - given the tools to do it.