1. Weight gain : Mango shake is
highly beneficial in gaining
weight because of the presence
of adequate amount of protein
both in milk and mango. The
underweight people can drink
mango shake regularly during
summer. 150 grams of mango
has about 86 calories, and
starch easily converts into
sugar thereby helps in weight
gain. This is the most
important health benefits of
mango shake. 

2. Good for anemia patient : The
mango shake is the most
delicious shake and filled with
important nutrients like iron,
protein and beta-carotene. It is
good for anemia patient and
those have protein deficiency.
One of the important benefits
of mango shakes is to increase
red blood cells count in the
body. Mango juice also has
significant amount of iron.
Regular drinking of one glass
of mango juice is enough to
provide necessary amount of
iron to the body. Mango juice
is also beneficial for pregnant
mother as far as iron content
is concern. A number of studies
have shown that iron content
is beneficial in reduction of
muscle cramp, anxiety, stress
and heart related problems.

3. Good for eyes: Mango contains
vitamin A, which is beneficial
for eyes and skin. The
sufficient amount of vitamin A
helps the eyes against dryness,
night blindness along with
facilitating good eye sight.

4. Strengthen bones : Milk, which
is the integral part of mango
shake, is having vitamin D and
calcium, helps in strengthening
of bones.

5. Maintains blood pressure :
Mango juice is rich in
potassium and magnesium,
which helps to keep blood
pressure under control.
Potassium assists the heart
and regulates blood pressure
as well as balance fluids in
your body. Mango juice also
lowers blood pressure due to
tinnginya fiber, pectin and
vitamin C. Pectin and vitamin
C reduces the serum
cholesterol levels, especially the
low-density lipoprotein

6. For heart health: Mango in
mango shake has high amount
of pectin, a dietary fiber and
helpful in lowering cholesterol
from blood. Pectin is also
beneficial in prevention of
prostate cancer.

7. Control acidity : Due to its
alkaline in nature and presence
of abundant fiber, mango
shakes helps in prevention of
indigestion, excess acidity, and
contributes smooth functioning
of the digestive system. The
presence of tartaric acid, malic
acid and citric acid help to
maintain alkaline nature of the
body. These acids are good for
the digestive tract and enzymes
present in the milk shake
breaks the protein into simpler

8. Beneficial in pregnancy : Mango
shakes are having important
health benefits during
pregnancy due to presence of
iron both in milk and mango.
Iron is an important mineral
required during pregnancy.

9. Prevents cancer: A new
research has shown that
mango contains phyto-
chemicals and antioxidants like
quercetin, isoquercitin, astrgalin,
fisetin, and gallic acid,
astragalin, methylgallat, fisetin,
which helps the body against
colon cancer, breast cancer,
leukemia and prostate cancer.
Pectin present in mango is
also beneficial against cancer.

10. For better sex: Both mango
and milk contain enough
amount of vitamin E, which is
good for sexual urge and
increase in sex drive.

11. For skin glowing : Drinking of
mango juice is good in
prevention and management of
acne, pimples, wrinkles,
blemishes, black spots, etc. The
application of mango pulp for
ten minutes followed by
washing it with fresh water is
beneficial for fair complexion.

12. Diabetes prevention : Mango
juice has the ability to control
sugar level by normalizing
insulin levels. It is also helpful
in combating high blood
pressure and cutting down bad

13. Improves digestion: By
controlling acidity and
maintaining the ratio of acid-
alkaline, mango provides
soothing effects to digestion. It
is also helpful in easing chronic

14. Boosts immunity : Mango juice
has reasonable proportion of
vitamin C, vitamin A, and
carotenoids. All these are
helpful in boosting your
immune system.

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