As a professional Athlete I believe it’s incredibly
important to carefully consider what you are putting
into your body. That is why I take a natural
approach to my health and well-being. As an
Olympic Athlete, I have used homeopathy countless
times to assist with the various bumps and bruises
that I have suffered from hitting hurdles. My
favourite homeopathic remedy is arnica and I
wouldn’t dream of using anything else. Homeopathy
offers a range of natural remedies. The snake
(Lachesis) which is depicted in this image
represents the remedy which is often used to help
treat several menopausal symptoms such as hot

Jo Wood, Entrepreneur/Model
I’m a firm believer in all things natural and always
used to treat my children with homeopathic
remedies - gentle and safe, yet still effective. Now
my children use homeopathy for their children and it
continues to work wonders! I’m pleased to see it
being passed down the generations and being used
as a natural alternative to traditional medicines. As
part of the campaign, I had bees (also known as
‘Apis’) painted onto my hand – amazingly they help
stings and acute swelling of the skin.

Stacey Dooley, BBC3 Presenter
It might seem odd that I choose to do a job which
involves a LOT of long haul flights when I’m a very
nervous flyer! I first discovered homeopathy when a
friend suggested trying it to overcome my phobia of
flying and I haven’t looked back since – it really has
worked! As part of the Homeopathy Works For Me
campaign, I had Gelsemium painted onto me – this
is a fantastic remedy that helps to ease anticipatory
anxiety or nervousness, and it’s also a really good
remedy for flu.

Charlotte Jackson, Presenter
I’m totally accident-prone and after numerous
bumps and bruises, my Dad, a doctor, suggested I
visit a homeopath for neck pains and migraines. I
immediately noticed a huge difference and from that
day on I’ve relied on homeopathy for a whole range
of health issues and for general wellbeing too.

Amal Fashanu, Presenter/Model
I try really hard to lead a healthy and more
importantly, natural lifestyle. I’ve used homeopathy
for a wide range of health issues and it’s never let
me down. It’s also great for general wellbeing, as
remedies are very affordable and the effect they
have on me is really noticeable. As part of the
campaign, I had lilies (Lilium Tigrinum) painted onto
my back. This beautiful remedy is sometimes used
to treat women with gynaecological issues.

Janey Lee Grace, Radio 2 Presenter
I’m passionate about 100% natural health and
wellbeing, and believe that it’s so valuable for
people to take responsibility for their health, and to
try a natural approach. I was first introduced to
homeopathy 15 years ago when I was pregnant with
my first child. I gave birth in a fabulous hospital
where the midwives prescribed homeopathy during
labour. Later I used homeopaths to sort all manner
of the kids’ illnesses. For the campaign, I’ve had
diamonds (Adamas) painted onto my neck – the
remedy is used by homeopaths to treat severe
depression, and also can help women in the

Alice Barlow, Actress
I’m relatively new to the world of homeopathy but
have already seen noticeable results. As an actress
and singer I suffer from stage fright and find
homeopathic remedies really help to calm my
nerves. It’s so important for people to have a choice
when it comes to their wellbeing and I’m pleased
I’ve discovered a natural way of keeping myself
healthy. The foxglove (Digitalis) on my leg is well
known for treating heart irregularities, amongst other

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