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Problems In Stomach

Stomach : Hungry yet Lose flesh;

Aversion to certain foods or drinks or all foods;

Indigestion from starchy foodnausea during fever;

Thirst  during chill;

Thirst during chill;

Thirst during heat;

For large quantities;

While perspiring;

After chill;

During heat;

Vomiting; bile; after chill;

Vomiting; sour; fluid;

Stomach; hiccup; violent;

Burping; belching; sour; after eating;

Urination; involuntary; incontinence; during cough;

Urination; involuntary; incontinence; during walking;

Ravenous, excessive; with severe wasting (food notabsorbed);

Stomach, appetite; lacking; no appetite; with hunger;

Aversion to certain food or drinks; bread;

Burping; belching; tasting like food;

Burping; belching; ineffectual and incomplete;

Burping, belching; after eating;

Stomach disordered ;

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