Safe Your Head And Headache

Different Symtoms Of Headache

        Headache affected by certain foods and drinks

        Bursting forehead

        Bursting on coughing


        Pressure in forehead

        Late Morning 10 A.M

        Fading Consciousness

        While Talking

        After Sleep


        Morning  on waiting

        Pressure as if brain bound up

        Crusts , scabs, white

        Powdery flaking skin

        Tearing , Rending

        Stunning ; morning; on waking as front drinking spirits

        Stunning morning

        Stitching , sudden , sharp , temples, from bright light

        Pressing ; temples; while writing

        Pressing temples when reading

        Pressing temples inwards


        Pressing sides

        Pressing forehead over eyes

        Pressure when reading

        With high or low temperature; headache after chill;

        With headache or low temperature; heading during the chill;

        With high or low temperature; headache after the heat;

        With high or low temperature; headache during the head;

        In women; during period;

        Hammering pain; morning;

        Hammering pain;

        From exertion; mental exertion;

        From emotions; mental exertion;

        From emotions;

        On Coughing;

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