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Save Your Eyes And Vision

Problems Of Eyes


Infected, full of dark vessels, conjunctiva (external liningof eye)

Paralysis of muscles of eyeball; internal recti ( to moveeye towards other eye)

Lids; spasmodix closure;


Sensation of eyes being pulled together

Sensation of Enlargement

Discoloration : redness : lids; spots; veins

Discoloration : redness;

Eyebrows : Outbroke of skin around eyebrows;

Pain : as from something in eye; like sand in eye;

Pain : from exertion of vision;

Pain : when looking ;

Pain : pulling stiff sensation , in muscles;

Pain : burning , smarting, gnawing, biting while reading;

When using eyes;

Pain : while writing ( see exertion );

Pain : aching when looking sharply;

Eye : Strabismus ( eyes incorrectly aligned ); divergent ;

Eye : tears ; with cough;

Eye : tears;

Eye : pain; burning, smarting, gnawling, biting, evening;

Muscles weak and stiff

Tears stream down face on coughing . Asthenopia due toinsufficiency of  internal recti muscles.

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