Save you Female Sex Organs

List Of Problems Which You Feel

Amenorrhcea from mental shock
Backache, with uterine pains
Bearing down pains
Before Menses, labor like pains, nosebleed,pain,sadness
Breat, hard knots in
Burning in uterus vagina after urinating
Chlorosis chronic congestion of uterus
Congestion, excessive at periods
Cuting in the uterus
Displacement of the uterus with rheumatic pains
Draging in uterine region
Dryness of thhe vagina
Drying Menses, Headache labout like pains
Dysmenorrhcea as a preventive, membranous with vomiting of undigested food
Endocarditis chronic
Denitials inflamed and swollen
Glennards Disease
Great dryness in Vagina
Hardness of MAMME
Hypertrophy of uterus
Icy coldness at commencement of flow
labia, abscess of
Leucorrhcea, acid, Albumnous mucus, Corroding, Creamy
Leucorrhcea mild and milky, orange coloured, profuse
Loss of hair from pubes
mame hardness of
masturbration in children
Menses, acridafter headache
Intense sexual disorder
Manses, acrid before labour pain like pains, nosebleed, pain, sadness
Tough discharge
Watery Discharge
With Coldness like ice
Foetid foot sweats
Great weakness
Mental depression
Morning diarrhoea
Pvarian Pain
Rheumatic Pain
Menses with terrible sadness
MEnses , with shortness of knee cords
Nausea during and after embrace
Oophoritis Chronic
Oophoritis gonorrhoea
Ovarium Neuralgia beter lying on painful side
Pain across sacrum, intense dull and constant
Pressing toward genitials in morning
Procalpsus uteri
Pulsation of sexual parts
Sensation of a ball rising in throat
Sensitive Vagina
Serious cyst of Vagina

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