1. Fresh Vegetables are filled with vitamins and minerals and
are good sources of phytochemicals that protect the body
from disease and aging. They are the ‘heavy weights’ in
regeneration. This includes the powerfoods like
spinach , lettuce , asparagus, cabbage and carrots .

2. Fresh Fruits are filled with vitamins, minerals and
phytochemicals that protect the body. This includes the
powerfoods like lemons, apples, bananas , mangos
and watermelon. Each of these fruits has a host of health

3. Whole Grains like Brown Rice, oats, buckwheat, barley,
millet, quinoa are a great source of vitamins, minerals,
fiber, and some protein.

4. Drink lots of pure water. Water is needed for digestion,
circulation of body fluids and joint lubrication.

5. Exercise. Nourishing Friendships. Nature. Sleep. As your
body starts functioning on a healthier level, you might
naturally tend to stop craving things that interfere with the

The best thing about regeneration is that you don’t have to
think about what your body is doing. All you have to do is set
up the proper conditions and your body will take care of
everything else.

A healthy body has the ability to heal itself of all (or almost
all) problems if properly nourished. Thinking and worrying
about it does not enhance the process, it actually can slow it
down. You might as well be

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